SCAGLIONE is a brand of Maglificio R. Scaglione srl, a typical Italian family company founded in the ‘60ies in Bergamo, a small city in the Milano area.
The founders Mr. Renato and his wife Celsa, started in the ‘60ies with a private label kid production working for a US company, but in few years they decided to create and produce their own kid collection. In the early ‘80ies the kid knitwear market had a fall and the company had to change its production into man and woman sweaters.
From then on the company produce knitwear in the top quality level market for some of the biggest and most famous fashion brands, with an active collaboration in creating and developing their collections.

Meanwhile, in the late ‘90ies, the sons of founders decided to create their own collection, simply named SCAGLIONE. They started with few very special cashmere styles and they personally followed the design, the choice of yarns and the kind of finishing of each style.
Today directed by Giovanni and Anna Scaglione and with the precious historic skill of their mother Celsa, the brand SCAGLIONE is well known for cashmere sweaters.

In the collection you can also find many different styles realized in many best quality natural yarns as merinos wool, alpaca wool, silk, linen and cotton, always spinned and knitted in Italy and finished with a particular attention to the softness and for a cool and updated presentation.

The peculiarity of SCAGLIONE collection is to be always neat and minimal, the fitting and the colours palette are continuously updated to the coolest trend, very easy to dress, sophisticated and exclusive, never too classic, never traditional.
The styles are addressed to people who like fashion, quality and handcrafted products but who are not fashion-victims.
SCAGLIONE represent the issue of the best typical Italian Family company: small, creative, personally managed by the owners and with a long time skill in its specific product.